Bigg Boss Telugu is a reality show in the Telugu language based on the Hindi show Bigg Boss which was in turn based on the original Dutch Big Brother format started by John De Mol. Several contestants, who are known as housemates, live in a purpose constructed house and are secluded from the rest of the world.

Every week, the housemates nominate two of their member housemates for eviction, and the housemates who obtain the most nominations would experience a public vote out. Eventually, one housemate would have to leave the house after being evicted from the House.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: The Gameplay

By the end of the final week, five housemates are remaining, and then the public votes for the one they wanted to win. Unlike other versions of Bigg Boss, the Indian version of Bigg Boss invites celebrities as housemates, not the members of the general public. Bigg Boss Telugu is the most loved version of the reality TV program and it is the 5th Indian version of TV reality program. The first season of Bigg Boss Telugu was premiered on 16 July 2017 and completed on 24 September 2017. Indians audience has a big fandom for the show ‘Bigg Boss’. The show has been a major success for a long time in various languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi.

While all the rules have never been told to the audience, the most prominent ones can be seen clearly. In Bigg Boss Telugu the housemates are not supposed or allowed to converse in any other language except Telugu. Secondly, they always have to wear lapel much necessarily. The housemates are not supposed to leave the House premises at any time unless and until they are evicted or the same is decided by Big Boss, the voice commencing the activities in the house. They are not allowed to discuss the nomination process with anyone otherwise they’ll have to bear the consequences of violating the rules.

The housemates are not even allowed to sleep without the permission of Bigg Boss. The enthusiasm encircling the reality show is palpable as soon as the date for airing the show soon comes out, with people perching the names of plausible contestants who are most likely to be part of the show and even the names of the ones they personally want to be part of the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Host : Akkineni Nagarjuna

It also appends to the exhilaration that the show is hosted by huge and beloved movie stars in each of the languages like Salman Khan in Hindi, Kamal Hassan in Tamil and now Nagarjuna Akkineni in Telugu for season 3. The 3rd season of the Telugu Bigg Boss is to be aired on the channel Star Maa very soon. According to the latest reports, tentatively the 3rd season will go on air from July 21. Nagarjuna, the host of the Telugu version, said in an interview with Times of India, that he has always experimented with new things and he is a collector of new experiences in life. He further said that while television is not new, doing a show like Bigg Boss is a fresh experience and he is excited to be a part of one.

By the 2nd week of July, all formalities will be concluded and by 21st July people will straight know the potential housemates after the first episode is shot. Every week a celebrity is also likely to come for either promotion or just for a meet-and-greet with the housemates. Star Maa is eager that the 3rd season will be more divergent and popular from second. Meanwhile, reports are emerging about the possible candidates who will be part of the house in the Telugu Bigg Boss. According to the recent media reports, the presence of the television anchor, Sree Mukhi has been confirmed but the rest of the 12 contestants is still unconfirmed.

Bigg Boss 3 Contestants List:

There has not been any official release of the list of the contestants who will be the part of this reality show but the tentative list presents these celebrities to be invited in the show allegedly.

1. Shiva Jyothi
2. Ravi Krishna
3. Ashu Reddy
4. Jaffar
5. Himaja
6. Rohini Noni
7. Rahul Sipligunj
8. Baba Bhaskar
9. Punarnavi Bhupalam
10. Hema
11. Ali Reza
12. Mahesh Vitta
13. Sreemukhi
14. Varun Sandesh
15. Vithika Sheru

Most likely some of the contestants might be following Kaushal’s approach to the house once again. Everyone is waiting to know and like the previous time, this time too, the set of the house will be constructed in Hyderabad with even more stringent security and the show will have even tough rules than before apparently. The creators of Bigg Boss Telugu have finally revealed the first look of the upcoming third season of the show by releasing the promos and posters of the show. As expected, the title has a new look and design this year with a refreshing title track as well.

Alok Jain, the business head of the Telugu STAR, reportedly said that their pledge has always been to give the viewers the best class of entertainment and also that they will keep on trying to distribute the same. After two successful seasons, everyone is very thrilled to introduce a fresh and fun flavor to the show with Nagarjuna as the host. The previous seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu had engrossed controversy over the alleged bias of its host actor Nani. He involved the rage of many viewers after he was seen to be rude towards one of the housemates.

Later, the actor reacted to criticism in a statement, explaining that he was neutral towards everyone in the house and also that it would not be possible for him to gratify everyone considering the fact that every fan viewer would have their favorite. The promo video does not contain any further details about the imminent season. However, they can be expected to come soon in further coming promos. Needless to say, Bigg Boss fans are quite agitated about the season as the promos have left them on a tenterhook.