Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 3: Online Voting, Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss welcomes you to his house. These are the words which have enticed audiences from all over India. Bigg Boss is a show with a very simple premise. Few celebrities locked in a house arrest for a long period of time. During their stay at this said house, they are faced with challenges from day one. The first challenge is staying in the same house locked away from the outside world which loves them quite a lot. The second challenge which they face is Bigg Boss himself. Throughout the course of the show, it is commonplace to see contestants being called into the “Bigg Boss’s room”.

Then this said Bigg boss allows each of them a task. This task they have to complete if they want to prolong their stay. Not just that fireworks are everywhere because this is what happens if celebs who don’t know each other are locked up with each other.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3:

Ego clashes, love, and the mystery it has them all. The next thing these contestants have to look out for is their public appeal. Since Bigg Boss is one of those reality television shows which gives power to its viewers. The power is that it ultimately boils down to whom the general public wants to see on the show. With something as simple as a phone call or a text message people can remove or safeguard the celebs they don’t want or the ones they still want on the show. This is a necessary check ensuring that the contestants don’t do something which is not in general consensus.

All of this is for the title of Bigg Boss. The one celeb which manages to be the last one standing is given the title of Bigg Boss. Well, there is obviously a cash prize along with many other incentives for our prisoners. This makes every one of them pray that they are not in the red zone because then only the public can save them.

NOTE: Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 is all set to premiere on July 21 (Sunday).

The popularity Bigg Boss:

This initially aired on colors and the pilot language was Hindi. Seeing the popularity of this show people in the southern part of India decided to make one in their own regional language. The particular one which we are talking about is Tamil. This season three of Vijay Television Bigg Boss Tamil kick-started in 23rd of June 2019. The Bigg boss rule which states that every week few contestants will be up for public voting. As by the rules, the one who is selected for public voting is decided first by an internal vote. Every week, housemates will decide and nominate two of them for this ordeal. Read on for further information on how to safeguard your favorite celeb. The official voting lines for Bigg Boss Tamil will be available from Monday 10.30PM to Friday 11.59 PM every week.

step by step method on how to cast your vote for Bigg Boss Tamil Season3:

There are mainly two methods which are presented to each of the viewers. Namely, the method of the online poll and by giving a missed call on the provided number. The relationship between voting and disposal is that of having a major consequence. The house of Bigg Boss takes the voting very seriously. If you happen to be one those people who want to save your favorite contestant but you don’t really know how to don’t worry we have got you covered. Just read the steps below and you would be good to go.

  1. Head on to and search for ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Vote’ orBigg Boss Tamil Voting’ or ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Google’.
  2. After completing the search successfully you would see the participants voted for eviction.
  3. The next step is to sign in/up with your relevant id in order to vote.
  4. The step which follows is perhaps the most crucial one. Now you would have to choose your favorite participant from the list. You can even split your vote. (only maximum of 10 votes are allowed)
  5. The final step is to click on the button of “vote” to confirm your vote.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Missed Call Numbers

  • Abhirami Venkatachalam – Missed Call Number – Yet to Update
  • Director Cheran – Missed Call Number – 8367796802
  • Saravanan– Missed Call Number – 8367796812
  • Meera Mithun – Missed Call Number – 8367796816
  • Fathima Babu – Missed Call Number – 8367796803
  • Sakshi Agarwal – Missed Call Number – 8367796810
  • Vanitha Vijayakumar – Missed Call Number – 8367796815
  • Madhumitha – Missed Call Number – 8367796806
  • Reshma – Missed Call Number – 8367796809
  • Tharshan – Missed Call Number – 8367796814
  • Kavin – Missed Call Number – 8367796804
  • Sandy Master– Missed Call Number – 8367796811
  • Mohan Vaidya – Missed Call Number – 8367796807
  • Mugen Rao – Missed Call Number – 8367796808
  • Sherin – Missed Call Number – 8367796813

If you don’t want to vote online then you would have to give a missed call on the numbers that would be flashing on your TV screens at the time when the show goes on air. That’s it folks follow these simple steps to avoid your favorite star from being kicked out of the show.

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